Raze the Old to Raise the New

This is not a New Year’s post. No, really.

It’s entirely not my fault the destined birth of my programming blog coincides with some imaginary lap mark that Western populations at large place bets of self-development on.

“According to some arbitrary calandar scratchings of us squabbling humans, it appears the Earth has begrudgingly fallen around the Sun yet again.. Who keeps allowing this! Well, since we’re still here, I have decided to change something about my life!” - Humans

Alas, I shant be dissuaded just because of a 4/1461 chance of this happening on New Year’s Day.

As I said though, this post is not about revolutions or resolutions.

It’s about me coming out of the woodwork to funnel my thoughts, opinions, solutions, and general musings of all things programming into a steady stream of posts.

It’s about me collecting my past sorceries and putting them on display in a portfolio. It’s about publishing conversations I am having with myself.. right now. Because.. I’m essentially talking to myself right now. Interesting. But, surely you must be reading this.

Let the introspection begin!

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