I Love Being a Software Developer

Software development is a unique combination of creativity, craftsmanship, and technical problem solving. It’s always evolving and there is always something new to learn!

Even as a young lad, I was this mathy science boy that.. also drew a lot. I’d go to school and just absolutely crush the life out of math. Then I would come home and draw these tedious, super-detailed drawings of comic book characters and dinosaurs.

In later years, these base personality traits would manifest in the form of computers and music.

Computers were the perfect machines; they could just do anything and everything. And they were a real hoot to take apart and put back together.

Music was the perfect artistic expression. It was something detailed and tedious I could try to master.

Moving forward in time, the two eventually merged in the form of software development. Here, we finally have something logically crafted, yet artistically creative.

I happen to be typed as an INTJ, so I strongly suspect that myself and software development were destined for each other all along.

Fast-forward to now: I have been immersed in a software development career for ten years now. It is a challenging, endless puzzle to be solved. But, also an abstract art form. And yet, a disciplined craft. It’s on the frontier, cutting edge, always evolving, never growing stale.

It also happens to pay well, of course.

And the only real tool required.. is a computer. The evolution of the desk has allowed me to construct my technical creations on a mere laptop, using concepts that I learned using a laptop, while listening to music on that laptop, which I previously created.. on that laptop.

I mean, it boggles my mind that I spend my working time thinking up solutions to problems, and then implementing them by hitting keys into a keyboard with my fingers. That’s what I do for a living!

Then, I play God when I go to run my code, breathing life into its lungs, with its own little Big Bang at execution time, exploding into existence.

And I get paid to do this!

I highly recommend software development as a career choice. I always encourage my non-programmer friends to at least try programming and see how they like it. I cannot imagine doing anything else.