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Python for PHP Developers: Deep Dive Part 2

  • Date: 20 Mar 2022
  • 15 min read

What is it like moving from PHP to Python? Part 2 explores Python’s float, string, and list operators and operations. This is part 2 of a series: Python for PHP Developers: Deep Dive Part 1 Python for PHP Developers: Deep Dive Part 2 Using the broad overview from, we’ll [...]

Python for PHP Developers: Deep Dive Part 1

  • Date: 07 Mar 2022
  • 15 min read

What is it like moving from PHP to Python? What are the similarities and differences between them? This is part 1 of a series: Python for PHP Developers: Deep Dive Part 1 Python for PHP Developers: Deep Dive Part 2 Using the broad overview from, we’ll examine the ins [...]

How to Build and Deploy a Node.js, Express, and MySQL API to GCP

  • Date: 03 Feb 2022
  • 22 min read

Let’s build a Node.js + Express API from scratch, connect Cloud SQL for MySQL, and deploy it all to Google Cloud using gcloud CLI. The API will consist of some GET endpoints for retrieving warehouse names and zip codes from an imaginary “Acme” company. This guide is for developers unfamiliar [...]

Configure Laravel to Use PostgreSQL with Homestead

  • Date: 29 Apr 2018
  • 3 min read

I was building a Laravel app in Homestead, with MySQL. I later decided to use PostgreSQL. This took a bit longer than expected. Here is how I did it. Review Homestead Setup Update Laravel’s DB Config Recreate the database in PostgreSQL Recreate the Database Tables and Data Optional: Install a [...]

The Evolution of Me as a Developer

  • Date: 17 Mar 2018
  • 11 min read

This is the quasi-comical looking back of my adventurous history as a web developer, my goofs, my successes, my failures, my hopes. The high level synopsis is: The Spark: It all started with some HTML, CSS, Java, SQL classes I took in high school. The Kindling: College programming for fun [...]

The World is Mine for the Reading

  • Date: 03 Jun 2017
  • 9 min read

We need books, time, and silence. Thou shalt not is soon forgotten, but Once upon a time lasts forever. ― Philip Pullman Hell yeah, a post on book worship. Why not? My Goodreads account tells me that I’m slowly but surely clawing my way through the world’s knowledge. Yet, with [...]

Why Software Development is Rewarding

  • Date: 02 Dec 2016
  • 2 min read

We play God when we run our code, breathing life into its lungs, with its own little Big Bang at execution time, exploding into existence. Software development is a unique combination of creativity, craftsmanship, and technical problem solving. Even as a young lad, I was this mathy science boy that.. [...]

Usability in Three Minutes

  • Date: 13 Mar 2016
  • 3 min read

“Don’t Make Me Think” is a classic book on web usability. This is what I learned from the book, reduced down to a three minute read. Usability is how well a person of average ability and experience can figure out how to use a website to accomplish something without it [...]

How I Keep Track of Things

  • Date: 17 Feb 2016
  • 2 min read

Ok, look. I’m really awesome at keeping track things. Here is my system. You name it, I’ve tried it: Sticky notes Text files Excel Spreadsheets Phone apps PC Software Email tagging/folders In the end, I always seem to come back to plain text files though. Excel worked great for tracking [...]

Documenting Database Design

  • Date: 03 Feb 2016
  • 3 min read

Documenting database design is just one of those skills we web developers tend to lack. I have some theories as to why. draws on writing & design talents, rather than just technical talents is usually about the business domain, not the application itself can be boring and tedious If done [...]

The Simplicity of SQLite

  • Date: 25 Jan 2016
  • 1 min read

SQLite consists of a single file as the database and a set of CLI commands. “Like all magnificent things, it’s very simple.” I first brushed up against SQLite while building stuff in Ruby on Rails. The weird thing about SQLite, as a database, is that it’s not a client-server setup. [...]

Install Arch Linux on VirtualBox

  • Date: 14 Jan 2016
  • 2 min read

Contrary to its reputation, building an Arch installation only takes about 15 minutes. Try it in VirtualBox. I initially took the plunge and installed Arch right on my hard drive next to Windows, using their beginner’s guide. Most of the installation time is spent learning its glorious innards. However, I [...]

Install YNAB on Arch Linux

  • Date: 10 Jan 2016
  • 2 min read

Installing You Need A Budget (YNAB) on the average Linux distro is a no-brainer, but Arch Linux requires a few extra strokes to get purring. This is primarily due to Arch’s minimalist foundation, as well as YNAB being reluctant about running in 64 bit. I had to do six simple [...]

The Majesty of Arch Linux

  • Date: 06 Jan 2016
  • 2 min read

Upon reading The Arch Way, I found myself bewitched.. by a Linux distro. Over the prior 10 years or so, I tried a number of distros dual-booted with Windows: Red Hat SUSE Ubuntu/Debian CentOS Elementary OS Mint In the end, none of them ever stuck. Arch is fantastic, and blows [...]