Cigna Quoting and Enrollment Portals

Cigna home page

Project Description

Cigna had four web applications to facilitate sales of health and dental insurance:


My work with Cigna’s portals spanned three years, largely driven by new feature requests:

I also created a bulk premium rating tool that allows internal rate analysts to run large data sets through uploadable spreadsheets to test their own quote rating engines.

Challenges Overcame

This period marked a lot of growth for me as a junior web developer coming from a startup company, getting my feet wet with enterprise-level web applications.

The biggest challenges I faced were mostly enterprise firsts:

There were also technical challenges where I was in over my head:


My biggest personal accomplishment was conquering the huge learning curve of domain knowledge and enterprise exposure as a junior developer.

My longest-lasting application to date is the bulk premium rating tool. It is still in use today and still saves countless hours for a team of rate analysts.

Technologies Used

  • Languages: PHP, SQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, XML
  • Concepts: MVC, AJAX, OOP, Web Services
  • Tools: MVC Framework, Prototype, Pdflib, Dimensions (VCS)
  • Stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, DB2