AVMA Agent and Member Portals

AVMA home page

Project Description

AVMA has a multi-user site for agents, students, and members that allows all three to run insurance quotes:


My work with AVMA’s portals in 2012 was driven largely by new feature requests:

Challenges Overcame

The biggest challenges I faced were with Google Analytics and AVMA’s complex product offering:


The AVMA portals were the first modular applications I’ve ever worked with, leading to my own personal growth in the areas of scalability and reusability.

Technologies Used

  • Languages: PHP, SQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, XML
  • Concepts: MVC, AJAX, OOP, Web Services
  • Tools: MVC Framework, Prototype, PdfLib, Google Analytics, Dimensions (VCS)
  • Stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, DB2