Policy Change Quoting

Screenshot of application that quotes changes to existing policies

Project Description

A quoting web application was needed by sales representatives to calculate new premiums for changes against the existing policies of members calling in, such as:


I worked on a team of three developers that worked directly with the business unit and policy rating teams to gather requirements and brainstorm how to overcome issues in the existing policy quoting applications used by Cigna and Coventry at the time.

The design phase concluded with a 20-page high-level design document outlining:

My contributions during the development phase consisted of writing or co-writing code for:

Challenges Overcame

This was my first enterprise-level web application built from the ground up.

Scalability was the toughest challenge to overcome. This application effectively consolidated all other policy-change quoting applications before it, and in their place, prodiving a single, scalable solution.

It had to allow the following features to be configurable for any number of health insurance carriers:


This quoting application is still in use today and continues to be a great asset. It has grown to provide policy change quoting for the following health insurance carriers:

It has grown to quote 500,000 premiums on 40,000 policies per year currently.

Technologies Used

  • Languages: PHP, SQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, XML
  • Concepts: MVC, AJAX, Caching, Web Services, Strategy Pattern, UI/UX, Scalability
  • Tools: MVC Framework, jQuery, Dimensions (VCS), Postman
  • Stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, DB2