Customer Rewards Program

Screenshot of eCommerce website featuring the rewards program

Project Description

Swell Loyalty & Referrals is a rewards program that maximizes customer engagement and increases lifetime value on eCommerce platforms, by awarding points for actions and purchases which are redeemable as discounts in checkout.

The goal of this project was to develop a custom Wordpress/WooCommerce plugin for an eCommerce site to integrate with Swell through their widgets, JavaScript SDK, and REST API.


My primary lead contributions were:

My developer contributions were:

I developed the custom WooCommerce plugin from the ground up with the following contributions:

Challenges Overcame

The primary challenges of this project were due to unfamiliar territory:


The project spanned 4 months and released on time.

Business accomplishments:

By the end of the project, I was well-positioned to advise my team going forward on:

Lastly, this project ultimately established the architectural approach for custom plugins going forward, which later served as a baseline for several other custom plugins developed at the company.

Technologies Used

  • Languages: PHP, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, JSON
  • Concepts: REST APIs, JDKs, Action/Filter hooks, wc-cli, Custom plugins
  • Tools: Bootstrap, jQuery, Git, Postman, Swell widgets, VS Code
  • Stack: WooCommerce/Wordpress, Amazon Linux (EC2), NginX, MariaDB, PHP