Payment Encryption Web Services

Screenshot of MyPlanLink Quoting

Project Description

MyPlanLink is a marketplace platform for health insurance providers offering customers a branded experience to shop, quote, compare, and enroll in a variety of health, dental, and vision products.

The goal of this project was to build a set of web services that this platform could flexibly and safely pass customer enrollment and payment information through to them submit to health insurance providers. This included:


Out of a team of developers, my primary contributions were:

Challenges Overcame

This was my first experience building something that tokenized and encrypted actual payment information which was a high-security, business-critical task. This involved a variety of encryption techniques and software to accomplish.

The biggest challenge was scalability. For n number of health insurance providers, there can be n number of enrollment submission methods that they themselves require to receive the enrollment, such as:


This was a brand new business venture and a new concept in the development of the federal and state-run marketplaces for the Affordable Healthcare Act.

The skills I developed most were:

Technologies Used

  • Languages: PHP, SQL, XML, JavaScript, JSON, ASP.NET
  • Concepts: Encryption, SOAP Services, REST APIs, Payment Tokenization, Scalability
  • Tools: Git, Postman, SoapUI, CyberArk, PDFLib, Visual Studio
  • Stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP